Happy New Year 2019…



Happy New Year 2019…

In 2018, I have learned and tried so many things doing data-driven project, creating facebook pages, starting agency firm, starting a new job, new role and new environment, etc.
Thank you my wife, PorlekPor, Leo, all my family members, my colleagues and my friends who supporting and encouraging me.
2019, year to come, I will continue my vision and my energy to put it to work.
Here is my 2019 resolution.
  • Be Happy, like a kid, happy on everything around.
  • Be Creative, don’t stop at good, don’t start at great, start from what you’ve got and start now with creativity.
  • Try and Learn, don’t wait, it’s way too expensive to wait. Just try it. Just learn from it.
  • Be Determined, never give up, put everything you got to work like laser-focused to what you dream for.
Happy new year 2019.
Sun Kunawattanakorn


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